Have you seen large gas station, store, and restaurant signs that are visible right above the interstate to tell you that gas, food or supplies are close? Those are called Pole Signs! There is a lot of potential to attract with a pole sign, as it informs potential customers that your business can serve them. If you are thinking about permanent, freestanding signage at your business location to widen the scope of your market reach, a pole sign is the sign that you need. Atlanta Custom Signs. is a trusted local name in Pole Sign design, manufacturing, and installation. Offering excellent customer service and comprehensive support from our fabricators and installers, we create the perfect custom pole sign for your business and location, so that you can generate more interest, foot traffic, and eventually, profit!

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    High-Quality Illuminated Pole Signs

    Designed with a big cabinet sign latched onto a pole high in the air, illuminated or lighted pole signs are perfect for businesses with late hours. Since they are situated 20 feet or more up in the air, they serve as beacons to potential customers, even from a couple of miles away.

    They may seem like a costly expense, but the amount of possible business that they can generate is well worth it; the initial investment will be offset over time. If you’re not quite sure whether a pole sign is what your business needs, we can do an on-site evaluation. Call Atlanta Custom Signs at 404-882-7921 to schedule a free consultation!

    Just like Pole Signs, Pylon Signs and Tenant Signs are installed high up, but they carry more information than your regular pole sign. True, they don’t get as high up as a Pole Sign, but Pylon signs are made with heavier construction materials, replete with a dual or wide base structure for support, instead of just a single pole.

    Tenant Signs, on the other hand, are a kind of Pylon Sign that lists all available businesses found within a single facility or complex, making them perfect for open air malls, business parks, and shopping centers. Don’t know which one is for you? We can help you select the right signage mix for your business needs.

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